Marriage is one of the biggest milestones reached throughout a lifetime. It is the day two people vow to spend the rest their lives together and it is a celebration of their commitment to each other. My goal as a wedding DJ is to provide entertainment and ambiance to the celebration as well as reflect and honor the the style and choices of the bride and groom.

Choosing a Wedding DJ

When choosing a wedding DJ, it is important to have a date selected and venue booked. As with any time sensitive booking, it is always best to contact me early to see available dates. Use the booking request form to the left to start the request process.

Experience is key! I started as a DJ in 1983, and for over 30 years, I have served hundreds of satisfied customers, and played at most of the venues in Southern Maine. Chances are I am familiar with your venue!

Why should I choose Music by DJ Roger Grenier?

  • Professional and detail oriented
  • Energetic and engaging
  • 30+ years of DJ experience in Southern Maine
  • State of the art equipment and expertise
  • The widest selection of music including today’s hottest songs, oldies and everything in between

What should I have before our initial meeting?

Before the wedding I meet with the bride and groom to go over music genres, special dances or requests, and try to get a general outline of the events for your day. Although it is not required, I highly recommend doing some research before the initial meeting so you have a better idea of the type of music you would like to play or avoid at your wedding. Below you will find a list of items I suggest researching:

  • Music for specialty events such as Bride & Groom 1st dance, Mother/Son & Father/Daughter Dances, garter/bouquet toss & cake cutting to name a few.
  • Music selections you would like to hear or avoid
  • Would you like to allow music requests for guests?
  • A general timeline of the ceremony and/or reception.

The Week of the Wedding

The week of the wedding I will give you a follow-up phone call just to finalize all of the details. You should have:

  • A finalized list of music choices for special dances
  • A finalized ceremony schedule
  • Details for any special requests

Have any questions?

If you have questions at any point, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to make suggestions and recommendations.

Looking for suggested venues, caterers, or photographers? See my suggested professionals page.

What my past clients are saying:

SmithParker wedding reception

Roger, your enthusiasm & professionalism is what sets you apart from our other possible choices! You have done many family weddings in the past and have been extremely satisfied. You've become an honorary family member! Thanks for a job well done!

Greg Parker

Philpot/Hevey wedding reception

Roger, you're the best! We were extremely satisfied with your performance at our wedding reception. Don't change anything! You were great!

Brandy & Kevin Hevey

Quirk/Coburn wedding reception

Roger, I feel like you had just as much fun as we did! The Dj makes the wedding and our wedding was amazing!

Melissa & Jon Coburn

Wood/Cole wedding reception

You were very friendly, helpful & listened to our needs! Everything was great! Thank you so much!!!

Kevin & Carole Wood

Mazjanis/Deschambeault wedding reception

We've used your services over the last 25 years for corporate functions, fund raisers and family weddings. You don't need improvement! You have always been fantastic!

Richard & Maggie Deschambeault

Fluet wedding reception

You were a big part of our special day! You were very organized, took requests and your music selection was exactly what we wanted. What sets you apart Roger is that you totally listened to what our needs were and you met our expectations!

The Fluets

Brousseau/McDonald Wedding Reception

Everything was great and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks again Roger!

Erin & Cory MacDonald

Allaire/Blais Wedding Reception

Roger, we chose you over other DJ services because of your experience in this area. You were great as expected! Thank you for taking the time to sit with us before our reception as it was helpful in our preparation. You exceeded our expectations and we were extremely satisfied!

Amy & Joe Blais

Provost/Curtis Wedding Reception

Roger, please feel free to use us as a reference anytime! You were great as usual! We were extremely satisfied with your performance! Thanks again!

Penny Curtis

Cote/Doyle Wedding Reception

Roger, We were extremely satisfied with your services at our wedding reception. You have a great reputation and you definitely lived up to it!

Melissa & Andrew Doyle

Jacques/Miles Wedding Reception

Roger, your coordination of our reception was very organized and we had no worries. We were comfortable with you from the start. You were very current with your musical choices, informative and fun! You were amazing!

Tyson & Kara Jacques

Faucher/Grindle Wedding Reception

Thank you for everything Roger! You made us so comfortable and feel so at ease! Everyone had a blast and people loved seeing you get right into it! And Rapper's Delight was a hit! Thanks for exceeding our hopes! We love you!

Therese and Wade

Arel/Cantara Wedding Reception

Roger, your enthusiasm and professionalism are reasons why we chose you over other professionals. Recommendations of you were very good. We also got to see you at other wedding receptions. Please feel free to use as as references!

Mr. & Mrs. Shannon Arel

Parent/Deschaine Wedding Reception

Roger, How can we begin to thank you?! We are so happy that we listened to Louie and Amy. We weren't sure it was a great idea to meet our DJ the week before the wedding but after our meeting, we were confident you would be a perfect fit. We received a wave of wonderful feedback from our guests about you. They loved your enthusiasm, attention to detail and thought the music selection was right on. We heard the comment more than once that our guests don't normally stay very long at weddings but ours was so much fun thanks to you! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being such a HUGE part of the best day of our lives!

Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Rebecca Parent

Donilon/Palmitessa Reception

I honestly was so pleased with everything that I do not know how you can improve on your services. We chose you over other DJ's because we felt that experience was key and that you get what you pay for! You were awesome!

Tracy Donilon

Smith/Laverriere Wedding Reception

Roger, We were extremely satisfied with your performance at our reception and we had no worries! I knew who you were na dhave seen you DJ in the past so I knew we would not be disappointed! I would highly recommend you to family and friends!

Shari Smith (Laverriere)

Hobbs/Fusco Wedding Reception

Roger, Thanks for sitting down with us before the reception. Your consultation was really helpful. You listened to our needs which made us feel real comfortable. We didn't look at anyone else for entertainment. We knew we wanted you from seeing you at at other wedding receptions.

Kristin & Greg Hobbs

Bourque/Voyer Wedding Reception

Roger, we were extremely pleased with your services! The music and atmosphere was better than I could ever have hoped for because of you! You read the crowd, entertained and were the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for making our day even more amazing!

Niki & Corey Bourque

Esposito/Wiggin Wedding Reception

Roger, your enthusiasm and professionalism set you apart from other entertainers! You can use us as a reference anytime!

Doug Wiggin

Camire/Lebreux Wedding Reception

Roger, You did exactly what we asked for! You made our wedding complete!

Nicole Lebreux

Katon/Mcdonald Wedding Reception

You exceeded our expectations in coordinating our reception. You were very organized and were not afraid to take charge when needed. We had no worries! You have a great reputation so we knew what to expect!

Ashley Mcdonald

Andresen/Barnes Wedding Reception

Roger, we would like to thank you for the awesome job you did at our wedding. We had so many compliments about the music and your energy and your fun-loving demeanor. Our wedding would not have been as much fun without you. You played all the music we asked for and also played requests which was excellent! We had such a blast and so did our guests. That was the only time I have ever seen my mother dance so much! You did a great job reading the crowd and getting people out on the floor! You were also so accomodating about finding songs and adding songs at the last minute.

Thank you so much

Jessica & Aaron Barnes

Gagne/Muise Wedding Reception

Thank you so much for the music for the wedding! It was all perfect and thanks to you, everyone really enjoyed themselves! You did receive some great compliments!

Edd & Shannon Muise

Lauzier/Johnson Wedding Reception

Our consultation was helpful and enlightening. You listened to all of our needs. The music was very appropriate for all ages but still fun! You may use us for a reference anytime!

Kara Johnson

Hodgkins Wedding Reception

We wanted someone that was well organized, friendly & laid back; not someone overbearing with a million ideas of their own. Roger gave just the right amount of input and made our event a total success.

Samantha & Dan

Nicholas/Duquette Wedding Reception

Roger, Your personality gets people involved and makes things fun! You spoke clearly and we appreciated that you took time to learn the peoples names and how to correctly pronounce them! Please feel free to use me as a reference!

Shawn Nicholas

Cantara/Lehoux Wedding Reception

Roger, Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment you provided at our wedding. We truly had so much fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. You are great at what you do. Everytime we turned to look at you, you were jamming out with us - that made it extra fun! Thank you for all your time and expertise and answers to my questions throughout everything.

Nicole & Josh Cantara

Mailman/Diesslin Wedding Reception

Roger, We liked you when we saw you at Jana Keegans' wedding reception and you were able to keep the crowd dancing. We were extremely satisfied with your performance at our reception and we would feel comfortable recommending you to all of our friends & family. You were enthusiastic, courteous & professional. Thanks again!

Randy Diesslin

Regan/Robert Wedding Reception

Roger, please feel free to use us as a reference if you ever need one. You were mainly responsible for making our wedding reception a success!! We had no worries as you took charge when needed and listened to our needs.

Mike & Tiff Robert

Jones/Taylor Wedding Reception

Roger, we chose you because we knew what we were getting when we hired you. You gave us the personalized service that we required. Everyone had a great time and the reception was a huge success! Thank you so much!

Alison & Russ Taylor

Spang/Noel Outdoor Wedding Reception

Thank you for all that you did to help us out our reception together. Our consultation was extremely helpful! You listened to our needs and were flexible as we needed to make some changes due to the caterer. You definitely lived up to your reputation! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Amara & Keith Noel

Saxon/Crimmins Wedding Reception

Roger, you called me back! Every e-mail or phone call I got a response. You were willing to meet under any circumstance to satisfy us. You were concerned with what we wanted. You greeted us at the reception to direct us. You exceeded our expectations! You were great!

Lindsay & Mike Crimmins

Meserve/Kirby Outdoor Wedding Reception

Roger, You were highly recommended to us as we had never seen you perform before. You definitely lived up to your reputation. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Steve Meserve

Katzianer/Sweeney Wedding Reception

It was fun to see you get into the music with our guests. It helped get our crowd moving. You made our reception a perfect ending to a perfect day. Thank you again!

Joyce Sweeney

Pontbriand/Moran Wedding Reception

At our consultation you listened and understood what we wanted for music. You did not dictate to us like other DJ's have in the past. You worked with us on personal and memorable music with enthusiasm & sensitivity. Anyone that could bring together Red Sox and Yankees fans couldn't have done it any better! Everyone had an outstanding time!

Suzanne Pontbriand

Fleurant/Morissette Wedding Reception

Your consultation with us was helpful. You listened to our needs and helped us and were very courteous to us. It looked like you were having as much fun as we were! Thank you!

Matt & Amy Morissette

Trask/Frechette Wedding Reception

When we got together for our consultation, you were very helpful, professional and listened to our needs. You exceeded our expectations in the co-ordination of our event between the music for our ceremony and also our reception. We were extremely satisfied on how our reception went! You can use me as a reference anytime you need one!

Kacie Frechette

Angers/Gagne Pre-Nuptial Dance

Roger, we have known you for years and you have always accomadated our needs. We had no worries and were extremely satisfied with your performance.

Roch & Coulpmbe Angers

Gelinas/Pitt Wedding Reception

Your selection of music at our event was exactly what we expected. You took requests and played a wide variety of music. We were extremely satisfied on the how the wedding reception turned out. You were our 1st and only choice! You can always use our names as a reference.

Andy Gelinas

Thibodeau/Cummings Wedding Reception

I was completely satisfied and was so happy you agreed to be our D.J. It was so nice to have a friend of the family as our entertainment. You kept the guests entertained and played great music. I couldn't have asked for a better D.J. Thank you for everything!

Amanda Cummings

Wright/Gannon Wedding Reception

Your experience and knowledge helped us decide in choosing you over other services. We had seen you at other functions and we just knew that we had to have you! Thank you for customizing our wedding entrance! We were very fortunate to have had you with us for our special day!

Thanks again!

Stacey Gagnon

Phaneuf/Burgess Wedding Reception

This was my first experience with having a D.J. and I would not hesitate to have you again! Thank you so much!

Kristin Burgess

Baker/Metivier Outdoor Wedding Reception

You're the best! We had a great day! Thanks again!

Wayne & Brenda Baker

Norkus/Daigneault Wedding Reception

Your excellent reputation was the main reason we decided to have you for our wedding reception. Everything was great!

Marcie & Jeremy Norkus

Mills/Demers Wedding Reception

When we asked different people about entertainment for our wedding reception, your name always came up first. In our opinion, you exceeded all our expectations! We would recommend you to anyone asking about a DJ service. Thank you for being such an important part of our day!

Roxanne Demers

Munro/Duling Wedding Reception

Everything was planned out with your wedding outline and there were no mess-ups or surprises. Your sewrvice is exactly what people want. You don't need to improve anything. Job well done!

Michelle Duling

Carrier/Deering Wedding Reception

We felt that your pricing was very fair for the services we received. We heard from many other sources about your business and we were very satisfied with the results. Do not stop dpoing what you're doing. You were wonderful!

Nadine Carrier

Trask/Lakis Wedding Reception

I have to tell you that you were one of the services I was 100% happy with. Keep doing what you're doing. The music can make or break a reception. You were involved and enthusiastic but not overbearing or " in your face " - Perfect!

Iris Trask

Tellier/McGuiggan Wedding Reception

There is no need to improve on your services as everyone thought you were great! You're the best!

Pat Tellier

Nofsker/Chevalier Wedding Reception

You were highly recommended by quite a few people. I really liked your personality talking on the phone and in person.

Sashell Chevalier

Crum/Gadbois Pre-Nuptial Dance

We've heard your music many different times over the years and we didn't want to go anywhere else!

Nancy Gadbois

Maurice/Janelle Wedding Reception

Your professionalism & desire to accomodate anything we wanted is one of the reasons we selected you! Excellent job!

Lisa Janelle

Godbout/Stearns Wedding Reception

Thank you so much Roger! You're the best! You are always professional and you know what you're doing! Everything was perfect!

Luke & Debbie Godbout

Maynard/Marquis Reception

You were great, Roger! Thank you so much! You know your music and what the crowd wants!

Neil & Jennifer Maynard

Tassanari Wedding Reception

We had seen you in action at 2 other wedding receptions and loved what we saw. You were our first and only choice. You were fantastic!

Amber & Jeff Tassanari

Willey/Simeoni Wedding Reception

You did an excellent job! We would definitely recommend you!

Jennifer & Christopher Simeoni

Temple/Welch Wedding Reception

Your service was reasonably priced and you put our wishes and needs first and foremost!

Steve & Lisa Welch

Lewia/Morrison Wedding Reception

Your interaction with the guests attending the wedding helped bring excitement and enthusiasm to the reception. Your upbeat personality helps get the guests into the fun mode. You are a great D.J. Thanks again for making this event a very special day!

Gary Lewia

Johnson/Webber Wedding Reception

You kept our family & friends interest. You have a lot of energy. You did a fantastic job! Keep up the great work!

Dawn Johnson

Cantara Wedding Reception

You helped to make our decisions so much easier. You offered advice, made suggestions, co-ordinated the group and ran the show! You were fantastic! Everyone told me so!

Deborah Cantara

Tyler/Carroll Wedding Reception

You really knew what we were looking for and were very professional. You made our reception everything I ever could've wanted! Thank you!

Nicole Carroll

Slauenwhite/Rouillard Wedding Reception

I had great trust that with you as our D.J. our night would be great and it was!

Teri Rouillard

Parenteau/Bertrand Wedding Reception

Your great reputation, professional attitude and experience are a few of the reasons why we selected you as our D.J. We were extremely satisfied!

Karen Parenteau

Sylvain/Grigsby Wedding Reception

I had complete confidence that the reception would be fun and well run by you! Thanks so much!

Marianne Sylvain

Roberts/Pellitier Wedding Reception

Thank you for making our wedding day such a memorable one!

Jesse & Lynn Roberts

Fleurant/Mankin Pre-Nuptial Dance

You're a great DJ/Entertainer. Everybody had such a great time dancing!

Jody Nightengale

Harvey/Stevens Wedding Reception

We selected you because of past performances that we had attended. You were terriffic then and amazing now! Your genuineness and friendliness toward us and our guests were greeted with enthusiasm and gratefulness. Thank You!

Sandra & Robert Harvey

Lauzon/Dallaire Wedding Reception

It wouldn't have been such a success without you! you are always enthusiastic! You really listened to what we wanted instead of what you liked. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Cathy Dallaire

Caron/Tardiff Wedding Reception

We chose you because you were local, you were experienced and you have a great personality! You were our first call!

Jeff & Lisa Caron

Sweeney/Goulet Wedding Reception

We knew that our guests would have fun along with us. We know how much you enjoy your job which really makes a difference!

Christine & Jeremy Goulet

Wike/Gobeil Wedding Reception

I think you were great! I had good comments about you and I would refer you to friends and family!

Priscilla Gobeil

White/Dinsmore Wedding Reception

I had attended a few of your events in the past so I knew exactly what I wanted in a D.J. You were enthusiastic and very organized! Thanks!

Karen Dinsmore

Leclerc/Beaulieu Wedding Reception

We were confident that you would handle this event as a very important event and not just another gig! Thanks so much!

Anne & Steve Beaulieu

Souliere/Wildes Wedding Reception

Everyone commented on how great the music selections were. Everything was positive! Thanks, Roger

Sue Souliere

Gammo/Balzano Wedding Reception

We felt there were no other choices! You did my daughters' reception and I love the way you enjoy your job! Keep up the good work!

Peter Gammo

Goodale/Barney Wedding Reception

Roger was extremely energetic and the crowd stayed on the dance floor the entire time! Everyone had a great time! We weren't worried about anything. After meeting with you, we felt we made a great choice. All of my guests have commented on how fun the reception was and that has a lot to do with the D.J. Everything was perfect!

Dianne & David Barney

Goneville/Pyer Reception

Your professional & courteous attitude stand out! You go above and beyond to give people exactly what they want. Keep doing exactly what you do!

Jason & Christine Gonneville

Haskett/Thibault Wedding Reception

We chose your services over others because of your reputation for good work. The consultation visit really sealed the deal! We felt very confident after meeting with you. Thanks for a job well done!

Keith & Sherrie Haskett

Huot/Henri Wedding Reception

Roger - You were superb! We so enjoyed the whole evening! The music made the event!

Rick & Judy Huot

Brown/Hartley Wedding Reception

We were comfortable and confident in your services. We enjoyed the night of music. We thought everything went smoothly. Everyone had a good time.

Trevor Brown

Gammo/Chretien Wedding Reception

You were able to get our crowd out on to the dance floor - that takes a lot of effort. Thank you so much for all you did! We were pleased!

John & Julie Chretien

Wyer/Binette Wedding Reception

You added a wonderful personal touch to our wedding that we'll never forget. You weren't just a service we hired at our wedding, but more of a guest and a friend celebrating something special with us. Thank you for all you did! You are a wonderful person!

Kristine Binette

Sayer/Norman Wedding Reception

Thank you for the great job you did at our wedding reception! We had a blast! You've been doing this for 20 years and I don't see any room for improvement. Keep on rockin'!

Jason Sayer

Boucher/Gosselin Wedding Reception

We got so many compliments on you, Roger. You were great! You really kept the reception moving. We didn't have to worry about a thing. We are recommending you to everyone!

Jenica & Ben Gosselin

Palardis/Hutchinson Wedding Reception

We couldn't have asked for a better DJ service. Everyone had a great time and a lot of people/guests commented to us about how wonderful you were. Thank you very much for making our day a dream come true! We had a lot of fun!

Marc & Tammy Palardis

Letourneau/Ayotte Wedding Reception

Thank you so much Roger! You're the best!

Dorothy Letourneau

Fournier/Cote Wedding Reception

We chose your services over others because of your reputation. We have never heard a bad comment about you. We thought you needed a bigger selectionof Culture Club! HaHaHa! Just kidding! Everything was perfect!

Stacey Cote

Gonneville/Waterman Wedding Reception

Your reputation speaks for itself. We heard many positive comments from previous wedding receptions you performed at and we were confident that we would get the best service by hiring you.

Lisa Gonneville